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Woodbridge Junior School

Happy Children Inspired to Learn

Attitudes for Learning

We have adopted a collaborative approach to teaching and learning based around the use of careful and regular assessment. Children are part of their learning and fully involved in it.  They have regularly updated targets and are shown how to achieve these.  Regular assessments inform our planning and enable us to ensure that, with outstanding teaching, children make good progress, understand what they are learning and develop outstanding learning attitudes..  These are regularly shared with parents and carers so that they too can have a clear understanding of where their child is and the next steps they need to make in their learning journey. We strongly encourage parents and carers to come into school and take an active part in their child’s development.


We try to share and communicate with parents wherever possible.  All teachers run ‘Class Dojo’ and parents can directly message teachers, see how many points their children have earned and see photos from the day.


At Woodbridge we believe that if a child believes in their potential then they will achieve and that a positive attitude towards learning is essential.  Our learning attitudes underpin every aspect of a child’s time at school. There is evidence of our learning attitudes all around the school and we have developed characters to help children remember our expectations and attitudes.


Our 6 learning attitudes are:


– More than just me
– Aim high
– Dare to be different
– How well did I do?
– I can do it!
– Thinking for myself

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