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Woodbridge Junior School

Happy Children Inspired to Learn

Spring term

Currently in English, year 5 are learning how to write effective story openings. We are looking at language features and how they achieve the purpose in a piece of text. So far, we've been text detectives and found lots of language features that we are hoping to apply in our own writing!

This term in English we will be learning how to write formal and informal letters, and how to write biographies about famous artists.

So far we have written acceptance letters to Professor McGonagol, responding to the invitations to Hogwarts delivered by owl post, and written home detailing all the exciting equipment needed for a term at Hogwarts! Wands at the ready!

In the autumn term, Hedgehogs made some amazing progress in reading, I am very proud of how hard they are working on this! To further extend our reading we will be having two comprehension lessons per week, alongside Accelerated Reading sessions, to deepen understanding. We are also encouraging children to read at home as much as possible, please sign your childs reading record every time they read with an adult or independently.