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Woodbridge Junior School

Happy Children Inspired to Learn

Who's Who

Mrs Emma Hanson - Headteacher

Mrs Grant -   Deputy Headteacher

Mrs Slater - Acting Deputy

Mrs Ford - Pastoral Manager and SENDCo Assistant

Mrs Kerry - School Business Manager


Office Staff

Mrs Lineker - School Administration Officer


Teaching Staff

Miss Higton - Bears Class  Year 6

Mrs Bates - Foxes Class  Year 3

Mrs Gratton & Mrs Mepstead - Squirrels Year 3

Miss Brown - Rabbits Class Year4

Miss Hampson - Hedgehogs Class Year 5

Mr Lee - Badgers Class Year 4 & Year 5

Mrs Grant & Mrs Slater - Owls Class Year 6


Assistant Teachers and Support Staff

Mrs Smalley

Mrs Mitchell

Mrs Greaves

Mrs White

Miss Paskouis

Miss Jones

Miss Coughlan

Mrs Clarke

Miss Wallace


Midday Supervisors

Mrs Marriott

Miss Jones

Mrs Allcock

Miss Coughlan

Mrs Bunkle
Mrs Hunt

Mrs Clarke

Miss Shirley


Site Supervisor and Cleaners

Mrs Pace - Site Supervisor

Mrs Forde

Mrs Moore


Governing Body

Mary Kerry - Staff

Dean Mullett - Vice Chair, Parent Governor

Jo Dronfield - Parent Governor

Kate Allcock - Parent Governor

Kerry Price - Parent Governor

Steve Marshall-Clarke - Co-opted Governor

Patrice Grant - Co-opted Governor

Sharon Bell - Chair, Co-opted Governor

Diana Riley - Clerk to Governors




Come and meet the staff at our school.

Woodbridge staff

Woodbridge staff 1 Emma Hanson Headteacher
Woodbridge staff 2 Patrice Grant Deputy Headteacher
Woodbridge staff 3 Gemma Slater Acting Deputy Headteacher
Woodbridge staff 4 Mary Kerry Business Manager
Woodbridge staff 5 Lindsey Ford Pastoral Manager
Woodbridge staff 6 Julie Higton Teacher
Woodbridge staff 7 Redford Lee Teacher
Woodbridge staff 8 Chloe Brown Teacher
Woodbridge staff 9 Laura Hampson Teacher
Woodbridge staff 10 Lauri Bates Trainee Teacher
Woodbridge staff 11 Julie Lineker School Business Assistant
Woodbridge staff 12 Brenda Smalley Assistant Teacher, ASC/BF leader
Woodbridge staff 13 Paula Marriott MDS, ASC/BF Assistant
Woodbridge staff 14 Rachel White Assistant Teacher, Forest schools
Woodbridge staff 15 Maria Mitchell Assistant Teacher, Nurture
Woodbridge staff 16 Kerry Clarke Assistant Teacher
Woodbridge staff 17 Sarah Jones Assistant Teacher, MDS
Woodbridge staff 18 Laura Coughlan Assistant Teacher
Woodbridge staff 19 Maria Paskouis Assistant Teacher
Woodbridge staff 20 Rebecca Wallace Assistant Teacher
Woodbridge staff 21 Jean Allcock MDS
Woodbridge staff 22 Louise Bunkle MDS
Woodbridge staff 23 Myra Pace Caretaker, office assistant
Woodbridge staff 24 Pauline Moore Cleaner
Woodbridge staff 25 Adam White PE