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Woodbridge Junior School

Happy Children Inspired to Learn

Autumn 1

27.10.23 Well done to our Woodbridge Award winners this week for showing Confidence.

23.10.23 We enjoyed learning about the different dietary needs of animals in Science.

18.10.23 In History, we explored different sources of information to learn about the Romans.

16.10.23 In our Computing lesson, we explored the school to find out how how school network was connected.

13.10.23 Well done to our Woodbridge Award Winners for showing creativity this week.

12.10.23 We loved using Digimap to explore land use in Alfreton.

11.10.23 We learned how networks are created in our Computing lesson.

11.10.23 In Music, we learned how to play some new chords on our ukuleles.

10.10.23 We loved our Forest Schooo session today. 🌳🪵

10.10.23 We enjoyed learning different throwing techniques in P.E today.

6.10.23 Well done to our Woodbridge Award winners this week for showing respect and responsibility. 🏅

3.10.23 We enjoyed learning how to use the gym equipment today in PE. 🏋🏻

2.10.23 We enjoyed presenting our speeches as part of our Oracy week at school.

29.9.23 We had a wonderful time at Yorkshire Wildlife Park. We learned about how geographical features can affect what animals eat and where they live.

25.9.23 Here are some examples of our art work from today. We developed our painting and brush stroke skills using water colour paints.

22.9.23 Well done to our Woodbridge Award Winners for showing pride this week.

21.9.23 We identified different geographical features found in villages. We used a key and grid references to help us local human and physical geographical features.

19.9.23 We enjoyed learning how to triple jump today in PE.

15.9.23 We learned about the purpose of muscles today in Science. We explored how muscles contract and relax, as well as how they help us to move.

14.9.23 In our Zones of Regulation lesson today, we explored how different facial expressions can help us understand how others are feeling.

14.9.23 Today we used our Rainbow grammar cards to explore sentence structures. We learned about subject, predicate and verb.

12.9.23 We enjoyed our very first PE lesson. We learned how to use our knees and arms to help us jump.

8.9.23 We loved learning about the purpose of the skeleton. We found out that it provides support and protection, as well as helping us to move.

7.9.23 We learned how to skim and scan a text today in our English lesson.