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Woodbridge Junior School

Happy Children Inspired to Learn

Summer 2

Summer 2 - Medium Term Plan

Geography, Science and Art.


This half term, we will exploring the question, 'How does the Sun influence our lives?', focusing on learning about lights and shadows in Science. In Geography, we will learn how the Sun determines Geographical features around the World and how it can affect climate zones, polar regions and human and physical geography. In Art, we will be exploring the work of Van Gogh. We will learn different techniques used by this artist to recreate his famous 'Starry Night'. 

To help us do this, we will be answering a mini-question each week:



Does the sun affect regions differently?


How does the Sun change the shape of shadows?


How does the sun impact the physical geography of a region?


How does the Sun affect where we live?


How does the position of the Sun change how much light we get?


What is life like in countries near the equator and the polar regions?


Is the sun our friend or foe?


Here are the Sticky Knowledge mats for our Geography and Science topics containing all the key information we will be learning over our last term of this year. Use this to help your children build on their learning in school by quizzing them on the key facts and vocabulary definitions.