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Woodbridge Junior School

Happy Children Inspired to Learn

Owls 2022-2023

Tuesday 18th July - Year 6 Water Fight in full swing with warm up games to get us soaking wet straight away!

Friday 14th July - Year 6 Leavers' Party - What a great night! Here are just a few highlights.

Friday 14th July - Our final Woodbridge Winners for 2022-2023!

Tuesday 27th June - Sports Day podium winners.

Friday 16th June - Woodbridge Winners for Respect

Wednesday 14th June - Creating shadows in the name of Science. Does the distance from a light source affect the size of the shadow? What about changing the angle of the object?

Wednesday 14th June - Maths and there's no time to rest after SATs! This week we're learning about mathematicians in history and how their maths influences the world. Here we are creating Baravelle's spiral - a spiral made out of triangles!

Tuesday 13th June - 9 o'clock in the morning and the Owls are out rehearsing for Sports Day. It wasn't too hot and the children were amazing with their team work in the relay and so cautious with the egg and spoon. There's going to be some close competition.

Monday 12th June - Tough Rower - A great start to the week with an intensive rowing competition in our school hall.

Friday 9th June - Woodbridge Winner for Pride

Friday 26th May - Woodbridge Winners for Confidence

Tuesday 23rd May - Afternoon for Year 6 parents. Thank you so much for coming and sampling our flavoured scones. We hope you enjoyed it.

Friday 15th May - Woodbridge Winners for Resilience goes to ALL of Year 6 this week. What an amazing group of pupils! They worked so hard and coped so well with their first formal exams in SATs week.

Tuesday 16th May - Our invitations inviting parents to an Afternoon Tea with home/school made scones of numerous flavours.

Friday 12th May - Our fun post SATs party with ice-cream, crafts and football.

A huge thanks to our kitchen staff for providing a range of delicious breakfasts these past two weeks. They were both amazing and even had time to join in the daily sing along!

Friday 12th May - Woodbridge Winners for Confidence

Tuesday 9th May - It's SATs week and our T-shirts have arrived!

Friday 5th May - Coronation celebrations planting and decorating our sunflower seeds and pots as well as finding out about the Coronation ceremony and the Symbols of State. Not to forget our indoor picnic lunch.

Friday 5th May - Year 6 Yoga strategies to manage anxieties and nerves in readiness for SATs week.

Friday 5th May - Woodbridge Winner for Responsibility

Wednesday 3rd May - Who would have thought there was so much history about the 'scone'?

Wednesday 3rd May - Enjoying our SATs breakfast.

Friday 28th April - Woodbridge Winners for Aspiration

Friday 21st April - Woodbridge Winners for Aspiration

Tuesday 18th April - Building that upper body strength with our wheelchair PE. The children absolutely love it.

Monday 17th April - What a great start to the Summer Term - food tasting. What is our favourite flavour of scone and what other flavours would we like to try?

Friday 31st March - So many certificates were awarded today! This amazing bunch received a special reading award for making over one years progress already!

And these two boys achieved the most progress in the class. So proud of their hard work. Well done boys.

Friday 31st March - The final Woodbridge Winners for the term

Friday 31st March - This lovely group of Year 6 visited SOAS in London as part of their Japanese Club activities. Here they are receiving their certificates form the University.

Wednesday 29th March - Thank you so much to our adults who took time to come into school and tell the children about their own jobs. The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and had so many questions.

Tuesday 28th March - Look at us working hard on our own batik designs.

Friday 24th March - Woodbridge Winners for Responsibility

Friday 17th March - Woodbridge Winners for Confidence

Friday 10th March - Woodbridge Winners for Respect

Friday 3rd March - World Book Day. Owls really pushed themselves and came up with some inspirational words.

Friday 3rd March - Woodbridge Winners for Resilience

Friday 17th February - Woodbridge Winners for Pride

Completion of our Viking Longships with detachable prow and sail.

Friday 10th February - Woodbridge Winners for Creativity

Monday 6th February - History - Vikings - Law-breakers or Law-makers? Look at our amazing writing but also our amazing presentation. We're very proud of ourselves.

Friday 3rd February - Woodbridge Winners for Responsibility

Thursday 2nd February - Fun in Forest School - tree gazing, gardening, den building and so much more!

Friday 27th January - Woodbridge Winners for Respect

Wednesday 25th January - Create prototypes for our Viking longships.

Friday 20th January - Woodbridge Winners for Aspiration

Tuesday 17th January - An energetic start to the day with Dodgeball.

Friday 13th January - Woodbridge Winners for Confidence

Spring 1

Autumn Terms 1 and 2

Friday 16th December- Our wonderful Woodbridge Values winners.

Tuesday 6th December - Creating our own portraits Picasso style.

Friday 25th November - Woodbridge Winners for Respect

Wednesday 23rd November - Creating a range of electrical circuits before drawing them using the scientific electrical symbols.

Monday 21st November - Using secondary sources, what can we find out about the Shang Dynasty and how they lived?

Friday 18th November - Woodbridge Winners for Responsibility

Tuesday 16th November - Great team work happening in Owls today.

Friday 11th November - Woodbridge Winners for Creativity

Tuesday 1st November - Our first gymnastics session.

Friday 21st October - Woodbridge Winners for Resilience

Friday 21st October - We made it! It's been a tricky morning but our recycled crisp packet bookmarks are finally made. They definitely took a lot of resilience.

For the past two weeks we have been very busy researching how our planet is in danger. This morning, we finally completed our persuasive letters home. These will be going in the post later. Watch out parents!

Friday 14th October - Woodbridge Winners for Creativity

Friday 7th October - Woodbridge Winners for Respect

Tuesday 4th October - Strike a pose! here we are practicing our throwing skills in PE.

Year 6 trip to The Deep, Hull - Wednesday 28th September. We had an amazing day looking around The Deep and learning how plastics affect our oceans.

Science - Tuesday 27th September - Battle of the Beaks! The children tried out a range of 'beaks' to eat their 'food' to see how species of finches adapted to a range of habitats where different foods were on offer. As you can see, picking up toothpicks with a pair of scissors was no easy task!

Friday 16th September - Woodbridge Winners for Pride

We have had some fabulous homework sent in already. Look at how talented our Owls are! We've had cake, T-short design as well as amazing fact pages and posters. Keep sending your homework in. You have up to half term.

Friday 9th September - Woodbridge Winners for Aspiration

Monday 5th September - Climate Change Dodgeball! A game of dodgeball to demonstrate how the sun's rays get trapped in the earth's atmosphere gradually heating up our planet.