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Woodbridge Junior School

Happy Children Inspired to Learn

Autumn 2

Autumn 2 Art - Sculpture and Sketching


This term in our Art topic, we will explore what art is, what makes art and what people consider to be art. We explore a range of arts such as sketching, performance, sculpture, photography and painting. We will do this by learning about famous artists and the techniques they use to create their art. From this, we will develop an art project where we will design, create and evaluate a Roman clay pot using a range of sketching and sculpting techniques.


Autumn 2 - Science


We will be learning about the Science topic 'Forces and Magnets' this half term. We will learn about what a force is and explore different types of forces. We will then move on to learning about magnets and how they can attract and repel. To explore magnets further, we will be carrying out a Scientific experiment to identify magnetic materials. This will help to develop our Science enquiry skills of prediction, creating a method, data collection and analysis, as well as learning how to conclude and evaluate an experiment.



Autumn 2 History: Romans


This term in our History topic, we will learn about the history of the Romans. This will include learning about the key historical events of the Roman Empire using a timeline. From this, we will discover how the Roman Empire spread and became successful and how the Roman army helped the empire to conquer and invade. We will also explore and learn about Septimius Severus, a famous black Roman Emperor who played a significant role in the success of the Roman Empire in Britain. We will then learn about the impact of the Roman Empire on Britain and our lives today.