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Woodbridge Junior School

Happy Children Inspired to Learn

Nurture Group

  Our Nurture Group  


At Woodbridge, our Nurture Group uses the nurture principles to enable children to develop their social, emotional and mental wellbeing in a relaxed setting, with a small group of children. 


Nurture principles are based on Attachment Theory - the idea that developing positive relationships with family, peers and other adults from an early age facilitates healthy development. Nurture practices aim to give children the social and emotional skills to do well at school and with peers and develop their resilience. 


Each of our nurture groups are smaller than a usual class size. Children visit for one or two afternoons per week, remaining with their class for the rest of their learning. There is plenty of time for speaking and listening as communication and development of language is key to Nurture practices. 


 Nurture Principles 

1. Children’s learning is understood developmentally.

2. The classroom offers a safe base.

3. Nurture is important for development of self-esteem.

4. Language is understood as a vital means of communication.

5. All behaviour is communication.

6. Transitions are significant in the lives of children.



A Typical Nurture Session at Woodbridge 


1. Register / Sharing of good news                                                                      

2. Circle Time

3. First Task

4. Second Task

5. Make and do

6. Snack Time

7. Story Time 

8. Celebration

 BOXALL Profile Assessment 

The Boxall Profile is an assessment of a child’s social and emotional needs. It was developed through many years of research by Educational Psychologist, Marjorie Boxall and has been used widely in schools and for research for over 20 years.

The profile has its base in Attachment Theory and allows an insight into a specific child’s behaviour and enables planning for teaching, taking into account specific strengths and weaknesses.


At Woodbridge, we use the Boxall Profile as an assessment tool for a child's social, emotional and mental wellbeing. This allows us to target learning in the Nurture Group more effectively, as well as measure a child’s progress towards a particular BOXALL strand. Children who access Nurture Group support are assessed using the Boxall Profile termly, the results of which inform the following term’s planning to meet the needs of each individual child. 

 Useful Links and Further Information 


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