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Woodbridge Junior School

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Spring 1 - Could we survive in the Stone Age?


This half term, we will exploring the question, 'Could we survive in the stone age?', focusing on Stone Age life, developments and historical understanding. To help us do this, we will be answering a mini-question each week:


Week 1: What was the Stone Age?

Week 2: How can artefacts help us learn about the past?

Week 3:  How did Stone Age people thrive?

Week 4: How can historical sources to help us learn about black history during the Stone Age?

Week 5: How did the Stone Age change Britain?

Week 6: Where did the Stone Age people settle in the UK?


As part of our learning, in History we will be exploring the chronology of the Stone Age and how this impacted the Iron Age and Bronze Age. We will be developing our historical analysis skills by investigating the reliability of historical sources, as well as learning how archaeology can help us learn about the past.  

Medium Term planning and Sticky knowledge organisers