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Woodbridge Junior School

Happy Children Inspired to Learn

Autumn Term 2022

Autumn 2 - Maths Coverage


Here at Woodbridge Junior School, we use Maths No Problem. This term we will be covering:


 Chapter 3: Multiplication and Division


In this chapter, pupils will cover the multiplication and division of 3, 4 and 8. Pupils will then get to use their experience of multiplication and division to solve word problems.



Chapter 4: Further Multiplcation and Division


This chapter covers multiplying by a 2-digit number. The first few lessons look at decomposing a number into tens and ones so that the multiplication is easily managed and pupils can see the concept using Base 10 blocks. Lessons move onto multiplying where regrouping is neccessary before pupils start to look at division. Decomposing numbers is critical in making both multiplication and division manageable for pupils and this is practised throughout the chapter. Once pupils master multiplication and division, they focus on solving problems using the multiplication and division methods dealt with in previous lessons.


Autumn 1 - Maths Coverage


Here at Woodbridge Junior School, we use Maths No Problem. This term we will be covering:


Chapter 1: Numbers to 1000

This chapter covers numbers up to 1000 and focuses on the value of each digit: place value. Pupils will learn how to compose and decompose numbers, compare, order and look for patterns.


Chapter  2: Addition and Subtraction


This chapter covers addition and subtraction. The chapter starts off with simple addition before moving on to addition where renaming is required. Subtraction is also covered in a similar way where simple subtraction is mastered before moving to subtraction where renaming is required. Once pupils master addition and subtraction, they start to look at problem-solving questions and practice using bar models.


This chapter uses three different ways to show addition and subtraction visually. This will help pupils develop flexibility, however, some pupils may need additional support and time in order to be able to use all of the methods fluently.