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Woodbridge Junior School

Happy Children Inspired to Learn


Throughout the school we operate a creative curriculum based on themes.  Due to having some mixed age classes, we have a two year curriculum cycle.  Information about each term’s theme will be shown on class newsletters before the term begins.  This enables you to discuss the topic with your child before we begin learning about it at school. As part of each theme we focus on a specific subject area such as history but we also ensure that our curriculum is appropriate and relevant for our children by including a focus on enterprise, the environment, spiritual, moral, social and cultural learning, community and citizenship and what it means to be British in today’s Britain.


In addition to each term’s theme, we will also have a daily numeracy lesson, a literacy skills lesson which focusses on spelling, punctuation and grammar and a guided or individual reading session.


Woodbridge has an innovative ICT curriculum.  All children get the opportunity to work on computers or I pads during the week.

We have great indoor and outdoor space and facilities for PE and children have the opportunity to join additional extra-curricular sports clubs throughout the year.


Our modern foreign language is French which each child learns through three short sessions each week.


Art and design are taught with links to the termly theme but we also do a whole school art topic during each curriculum cycle.