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Woodbridge Junior School

Happy Children Inspired to Learn


Woodbridge Junior School Curriculum


The aim of our curriculum is that pupils will leave us with a deeply embedded love of learning, many happy memories, and with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to enable them to lead happy, healthy lives and to continue their onward learning journey happily and successfully.


At Woodbridge Junior School we have designed a curriculum that is bespoke to our individual context. We have considered:

  • The School’s individual context including
    • the interests of our current pupils
    • the past and current achievement of cohorts and groups,
    • the percentage of groups on our roll, including  learners identified as Pupil Premium and pupils who have special educational needs and disabilities
    • historic  rates of progress
    • the school’s existing strengths
  • The local context including:
    • Published data on employment, health and adult education and skills measures of deprivation
    • Local initiatives encouraging civic pride, Happiness initiative etc
    • Local history
  • The national context, including:
    • The prevalence of new technology and the use of social media
    • The mental health agenda
    • The physical health agenda, in particular obesity
    • The apparent increasing polarity and division in society
  • The global context, including:
    • Climate change and the environmental agenda
    • Fast paced change in available technology
    • Fast paced change in the types of employment that are available due to technological and other change

Woodbridge Curriculum Themes and Topics 2020-21

Find out more about what we are learning on our Class Pages. Just follow these links:

Year Three Classes- Foxes and Squirrels

Year Four Classes- Rabbits and Badgers

Year Five Classes- Otters and Hedgehogs

Year Six Classes- Eagles and Owls

Remote Learning at Woodbridge Junior School Spring 2021