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Woodbridge Junior School

Happy Children Inspired to Learn

Autumn Term 2022

Autumn 2 English:

Our reading focus this term is matching and linking information together. This will include using inference (reading between the lines) rather than retrieving information from the text. We will be making fine distinctions between pieces of information to be linked and drawing information from the whole text.

To begin our English topics this term we will focus on Nelson Mandela’s “A Long walk to Freedom” as part of Black History Month. We will be using our matching and inference skills to empathise with the character of Nelson Mandela as we learn about his life and achievements.

We will then be writing a “Journey” story using the Jason Wade story recipes. We will identify the key components to story writing and focus on character, setting and plot to write our own version of Aaron Becker’s “The Journey”.

Finally, our focus will be on poetry. We’ll start by looking at the key features of performance poetry before moving onto comparing poems with a theme. Our final project will be writing our own poetry on the theme of “Refugees”.

We will continue to use our Rainbow Grammar lessons to improve our writing skills, grammar and sentence structure.

We will continue to read ‘The Extraordinary colours of Auden Dare’ as our class reader this term.


Autumn 1 English: 

Our reading focus this term is skimming and scanning. We will recap these skills and use them in larger texts to gain a deeper understanding of the text and answer questions using evidence gathered. 

To begin our English topics this term we will look at non-chronological reports. We will explore the genre identifying the key features and using them to write our own non-chronological report on our class animal.  We will then analyse the features of a letter and recreate our own persuasive letters on an environmental theme using a range of language features. We will use our Rainbow Grammar lessons to improve our writing skills and sentence structure. 

Our class reader is ‘The Extraordinary Colours of Auden Dare’. We will use this text to develop our skimming and scanning skills.