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Woodbridge Junior School

Happy Children Inspired to Learn

Our Forest School Sessions

Forest Schools


The children at Woodbridge thoroughly enjoy their Forest School sessions. We see all the children grow and thrive while participating in our exciting sessions.


The children learn our 3 R's, which are respect, reliable and responsible, they learn to use the 3 R's throughout their lives, towards themselves, others and nature.


The children have various sessions, these consist of the children splitting into 3 groups, after their Free Play as a whole class, each group with a Forest School Leader, taking part in different activities, the groups include:


Fire, with Mrs White

Children learn about fire and fire safety. They attempt to make sparks using a flint and steel, then light tinder, learn to build small fires safely, in our fire pit, then once the fires are lit they use the fire to make drinks and food, then enjoy what they have made, sat comfortably around the fire in our fire circle.


Den Building, Making Shelters and Tools, with Mr Simpson

The children enjoy parkour, where the children have been constructing their own assault courses and completing them, they also learn to construct dens and shelters and showing resilience when things don't go quite right! They also learn about different tools and how to use them safely, then they make various things for our forest schools area.


Games/gardening, with Mrs Clarke 

Children play various team games, take part in orienteering, make homes for small animals and insects, and they take care of our school planters and our ECO Greenhouse.


The sessions are all structured, full of various activities and all start with free-play. This is vital for outdoor learning, this part includes the children, as a whole class, having the exciting opportunity to explore our outdoor forest school area. They do this while using their imagination and creativity, doing lots of fun things such as: playing in the mud, creating homes for small animals, making dens, climbing trees and playing games, this is all done while experiencing the great outdoors, learning and practising our 3 R's. 


Forest School is child led, therefore we plan our sessions, but our planning can vary from week to week and class by class. 


We have lots of exciting plans to develop our already amazing Forest School area in the future which, all the children will be part of and will experience and enjoy throughout their time with us at Woodbridge!