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Woodbridge Junior School

Happy Children Inspired to Learn

Summer 1

Tuesday 21st May - Our Year 6 scones tea party. We had a fabulous time!

Monday 20th May - It's baking day! Only 150 scones to bake ready for tomorrow's Afternoon Tea.

Friday 17th May - A well-deserved treat for our lovely Year 6s. Who doesn’t like an ice-cream party?!

Thursday 16th May - We made it! We are so proud of all of our Year 6 pupils for giving it their all this week. They are all amazing and have shown such resilience, responsibility, confidence and pride - all of our Woodbridge Values.

Thursday 16th May - A huge thank you to our kitchen staff for coming early to provide us with cereal, toast, pancakes, omelettes, sausage and bacon cobs for two weeks!

Tuesday 14th May - Stressed about SATs - I don't think so! Here are the Year 6's enjoying their SATs breakfasts.

Friday 10th May - Cracking The Code in Maths - fab SATs revision!

Tuesday 7th May - Using our Rainbow Grammar cards to revise active and passive ready for our SATs test.

Friday 3rd May - Our wonderful Woodbridge Values winners of the week.

Tuesday 30th April - Proof-reading our independent writing.

Monday 29th April - Sampling a variety of scones. It’s a hard job but someone has to do it!

Friday 26th April - Our wonderful Woodbridge Values winners of the week for aspiration.

Thursday 25th April - enjoying a game of “Quiz, Quiz, Trade” to practise our grammar.

Wednesday 22nd April - Here we are all enjoying a range of drama activities to help us understand how authors choose specific vocabulary to express emotions.

Friday 19th April- Our wonderful Woodbridge Values winners for the week!

Friday 19th April - Investigating how light travels.

Thursday 18th April - Writing a dialogue using speech punctuation.