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Woodbridge Junior School

Happy Children Inspired to Learn

Spring 1

Well done to our ⭐️ of the week winners this week, for showing pride in their learning. Well done and thank you for your hard work.

Final week of Spring 1 and we went Stone Age crazy! We had the best trip to Cresswell Crags, we explored the 3 types of rock and got to handle and examine rock specimens. We then took a trip into a Stone Age cave where real Stone Age people dwelled, and discussed the tools they would have made, sounds they would have heard and predators they would have hidden from. We ended the day practising our survival skills, building Stone Age shelters and spearing our own bison for dinner! We then ended the week telling our own story through cave paintings. The children were so engaged, it was a joy to see!

Well done to our week 5 Woodbridge ⭐️ award winners for showing super resilience last week during our Design and Technology lesson!

Week 5 of this term! We completed our chapter of Volume in Maths, we created fact files about the historic site of Skara Brae using books, presentations and videos to collect the information. It was Safer Internet Week so we explored how to stay safe online and investigate our opinions of AI. Finally, in Science we learned all about soil which we discovered is not just ‘dirt’! We also held our weekly class council meeting to collect idea on how to save our planet.

Week 4! Another exciting week. We began the week making homemade Spanish Omelette on the open fire in forest school, we explored sequencing sounds in Scratch and used thesaurus’ to up level imperative verbs. The whole school took part in the NSPCC’s number day and finally we had a DT afternoon creating our Stone Age shelters to see if we could survive in the Stone Age.

Congratulations to our week 4 Woodbridge ⭐️ award winners for showing their super responsibility!

Week 3 done! Half way through Spring term already. This week we have explored mass in maths and worked on our accuracy in PE within dodgeball. In computing we continued to develop our skills in scratch. In science we explored and testing different rock properties and finally in DT we created prototype Stone Age shelters to inform our designs for next week! Phew busy busy 😊

Well done to these two for showing how respectful they are at Woodbridge!

Well done foxes for being truly aspirational in your learning this week!

W.C 15.1.24 this week we have continued to explore our topic question “could we survive in the Stone Age?” We explored Stone Age artefacts, thinking about what materials they were made from and what they were used for. We used our Rainbow Grammar cards to build on our sentence structures by including 3 predicates in one sentence. In science we learned how igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks are formed. We then classified and named rocks based on the different properties we observed.

W.C 8.01.24 Wow what a way to start 2024! We have begun our new topic, “Could we survive in the Stone Age?” To answer this question we have created timelines of the key events of the Stone Age, we have explored and evaluated Stone Age shelters and we have created our own Stone Age tools. In maths we have been exploring length, and in English we are working on creating our own versions of the Stone Age Boy by Satashi Kitamura. We worked really hard to describe a detailed scene using all of our 5 senses to bring our narratives alive! Well done 🦊 keep it up!