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Woodbridge Junior School

Happy Children Inspired to Learn

PE and Sport Premium

Woodbridge Junior School Sports Premium Strategy and Review 2019-20

Woodbridge Junior School School Sport Survey Report July 2019

Athletics competition.

Over the past two weeks children from both upper school and lower school have competed in athletics competitions.

The children showed amazing team spirit, cheering each other on and showing encouragement to their team mates.

The children all showed our learning attitudes of more than just me, aiming high, I can do it and how well did I do? They all showed our Woodbridge values by respecting everyone, and aspiring to be the best they could be.

As a school we were very proud of the children who competed, the team spirit they showed during the competitions and their enthusiasm.

We are looking forward to future competitions.

Athletics competition lower school

Athletics competition lower school 1
Athletics competition lower school 2
Athletics competition lower school 3
Athletics competition lower school 4
Athletics competition lower school 5
Athletics competition lower school 6
Athletics competition lower school 7
Athletics competition lower school 8

Athletics competition upper school

Athletics competition upper school 1
Athletics competition upper school 2
Athletics competition upper school 3
Athletics competition upper school 4
Athletics competition upper school 5
Athletics competition upper school 6
Athletics competition upper school 7
Athletics competition upper school 8

Lower School Handball Competition


On Thursday 5th December we competed in a year 3/4 handball competition. The team represented Woodbridge proudly and demonstrated outstanding skill, determination, teamwork and hard work in all games, on and off the court.

All the children showed incredible progress from both a technical and tactical standpoint while showing respect and all of our school values.

Woodbridge were 1 of 13 schools competing, and we made it to the semi-finals and in the end we came 3rd! An amazing achievement! We were so proud of the whole team, their teamwork, respect and team spirit were fantastic!



Year 3/4 Handball Competition

Year 3/4 Handball Competition 1
Year 3/4 Handball Competition 2
Year 3/4 Handball Competition 3
Year 3/4 Handball Competition 4
Year 3/4 Handball Competition 5
Year 3/4 Handball Competition 6
Year 3/4 Handball Competition 7
Year 3/4 Handball Competition 8
Year 3/4 Handball Competition 9
Year 3/4 Handball Competition 10