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Woodbridge Junior School

Happy Children Inspired to Learn

Picture Gallery

A big well done to Harry for getting his creativity award this week! 9.6.2020

A huge well done to Dawid for getting his Woodbridge Values Award! He was worked so hard at home! 2.6.2020

Well done to Conor for receiving his Woodbridge Values award - you have worked so hard at home! 30.5.2020

Well done to Hallie for achieving her resilience Woodbridge Star Award! 19.5.2020

Dawid's VE Day Topic video

Still image for this video
To celebrate VE Day, the squirrels are researching VE Day and the history behind it. Dawid decided to use lego to make a video about VE Day. What a creative way to tell others about it's importance.

Well done to Emily and Daisy for gaining their Woodbridge star value awards! 01.5.2020

Well done to our first two Home-Learning Woodbridge Star Value award winners: Jace and Isabella. 24.4.20

We enjoyed our mile walk/run! It was a lovely day and we didn’t stop! 13.03.20

Well done to our Respect winner 13.03.20

Well done to our Creativity winners. 06.03.20

We made our own books in English Lessons this week. They are amazing! You will need to read them when they are up in the corridor on display. 06.03.20

We enjoyed celebrating world book day! 05.03.2020

Well done to our Pride winners this week. 28.02.2020

We used maps to find the countries where Cacao comes from. We learnt that Cacao plants grow near the equator. 27.02.20

Well done to our Resilience award winners 14.02.20

Our Fantastic Four Winners enjoying their treat in our reading session 10.02.2020

Well done to our Aspiration winners this week. 07.02.20

We enjoyed meeting a cave person today! She was able to answer lots of our questions about living in the Stone Age. 05.02.20

Well done to our Responsibility award winners. 31.01.20

We’ve ventured into the Caribbean 28.1.2020

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Getting the beat 28.1.2020

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Our first steel drum lesson 28.1.2020

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We enjoyed looking at traditional spears in Topic. We were learning about Stone Age tools. 24.01.20

Well done to our Respect award winners this week. 24.01.20

How stone age people sent a recieved messages 13.1.2020

Still image for this video

Our Stone age shelters! 13.1.2020

PE Balancing 19.11.19

Look at our brilliant balances 19.11.19

Well done to Daisy for her resilience. 18.10.19

We enjoyed recycling our plastic into models. Can you tell what they are? 17.10.19

We are VERY proud to be the first class to have a golden 100% attendance certificate this academic year! It is now on our door for everyone to see. 04.10.19

We have two new Eco Council representatives! They are very excited. 04.10.19

Today we announced our Student Council representatives. Well done. 04.10.19

Well done to our confidence ambassadors this week. 04.10.19

We had a wonderful time on our trip to Veolia to learn all about recycling. 03.10.19

It is very early but we have to get them sent off in plenty of time...we have finished our Christmas card designs. 27.09.19

We were pleased to win the attendance award with an impressive 99.64% attendance this week! 27.09.19

Well done to Liam and Conor for being our Responsibility ambassadors this week. 27.09.19

Well done to Mia and Zach for getting their Woodbridge value awards! 20.9.19

We loved our Forest School session! 18.9.19

Well done to Hallie and Noah for getting pride value of the week! 11.9.19

Look at how much plastic we’ve used! We debated whether plastic was fantastic to kick start our topic! What do you think?