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Woodbridge Junior School

Happy Children Inspired to Learn


Friday 4th December- Our wonderful “Creativity “ award winners.

Friday 27th November- Our wonderful “Respect” winners.

Friday 13th November- Our wonderful creative award winners!

Friday 6th November-Our wonderful values award winners!

We had such a creative afternoon at Forest Schools on Wednesday! 4.11.2020

Our Dragon Bones created during our History topic - The Shang Dynasty

Ela's environmental letter response 26.10.2020: Such a beautifully written letter and so much care for our world. Such a great topic to teach young minds to respect our planet and look after our world!

Lilly's environmental letter response 26.10.2020: I've received Lilly's letter this morning. It was a definite eye-opener and great awareness. We are careful but we'll definitely be more mindful in what we purchase and how we dispose and recycle it. We strongly believe in kindness and that definitely extends to every human and species on this earth. Thankyou so much for allowing the children to gain this knowledge.