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Woodbridge Junior School

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Year 4 Home Learning

Greek maps lesson

Maths for 26th and 27th January

Maths slides WC 17.01.22

English slides WC 17.01.22



Work through the Year 3 and 4 spelling list found on our English page.



Revise your skills on coordinating conjunctions:

Revise your skills on subordinating conjunctions:

Using pronouns:

Revise your skills using suffixes:

Using apostrophes for omission:

Using apostrophes for possession:

How to use inverted commas:



Work through these Bitesize lessons to write in a range of poetry styles -



What is column addition?

How to use column subtraction?

How to add and subtract in your head:

How to multiply in your head:

How to work out division with remainders:

Times Tables:

TT Rockstars of course.

Try Hit the Button to practice indivicual times tables:

6 x-table song:

8 x-table song:

9 x-table song:



What is classification?

What do all living things have in common?  Watch the following clip and create an information poster:

Find out more about birds before you classify them:

After viewing the clip, list flying creatures and creatures that cannot fly.  Can you create a Venn Diagram with some of your birds?



Work through the following lessons to learn more about the Ancient Greeks: