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Woodbridge Junior School

Happy Children Inspired to Learn

Autumn 1

Topic and Science: Would you survive in the rainforest?

Autumn 1


Our reading focus this term is skimming and scanning. We will recap these skills and use them in larger texts to gain a deeper understanding of the text and answer questions using evidence gathered.

To begin our English topic this term we will look at non-chronological reports. We will explore the genre identifying the key features and using them to write our own non-chronological report on our class animal.

Later in the term we will begin to read our class reader ‘The Explorer’. We will use this text to develop our skimming and scanning skills as well as identify features of a description text. We will use our Rainbow Grammar lessons to improve our writing skills and write our own description based on the story read.



Maths at Woodbridge Junior School follows the Maths No Problem Textbooks – This term we are focusing on developing our understanding of place values specifically looking at numbers to a million. In the first unit of Year 5,  we start by reviewing how to read and write numbers to 100 000, quickly moving onto numbers to 1 000 000. Time is spent using concrete materials to represent numbers to 1 000 000, including number discs and place-value charts. Pupils then compare numbers to 1 000 000 using their knowledge of place value in addition to bar model supports to assist them.

In chapter two, pupils will be exploring addition and subtraction of numbers to 1 000 000. They will begin the unit by using simple strategies to add and subtract, such as counting on and counting back. They will then focus on adding within 1 000 000 and subtracting within 1 000 000. Pupils will use multiple key methods, such as the column method and number bonds to add and subtract numbers.