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Woodbridge Junior School

Happy Children Inspired to Learn

Year 3 Home Learning

Daily Timetable

Monday 25th January


After the Woodbridge values assembly, log into your maths input teams session with Miss Wong. 


Maths slides for Monday

Spelling Task

This afternoon.


We are exploring what stone age people wore. Explore the slides to find out how they made their clothing. Then watch the video clip to learn how to stitch. 


There is a choice of activity today. You can either design a caveman outfit, make sure you label your outfit or, you can have a go at some stitching. Follow the guidance and steps on the slides carefully.


Don't forget to log into teams at 2.45pm for you class story.

Stone age clothing slides

Running Stitch How To - Basic Sewing (Hand Embroidery & Hand Sewing)

As part of our Basic Sewing series, we have our "how to do a Running Stitch" - learn this basic of all hand sewing stitch - the running stitch. It is a great...

Friday 22nd January


After our Woodbridge stars assembly, log into your maths session with Miss Wong. As usual, we will lead you through a millionaire maths session with the children in school too.

English - 22.1.21 Today we will be editing our independent write

Spelling task

This afternoon.


Start with some reading. Use epic reader or a reading book.


Then, log into YUMU. I have set some new music assignments in there for you and given you access to some more areas to explore.


Don't forget to log into your teams meeting at 2.45 with Miss Wong, for class story.

French - work through the PDF to help you learn what each animal is called in French. Then complete the matching worksheet. Challenge - can you use your knowledge of French numbers and animals to write down which pets you have and how many??

Thursday 21st January


Log into your teams meeting at 9am for maths input. Slides and resources are below.

10 in 10

English Resources - Today you will write your own set of instructions on how to wash a Stone Age animal.

Do now task

This afternoon you are with Mrs Cresswell.

Wednesday 20th January


Log into teams for your maths lesson at 9am. Use the slides below to complete your maths after the teams session.


Don't forget to log into times tables rock stars and complete a session.

Wednesday 20th January maths.

Spellings to practise

This afternoon- Science.


We are going to look at the difference between natural and manmade rocks. Look through the slides and examine the pictures carefully, can you tell which are natural rocks and which are man made? Then open the pictures PDF, decide which rocks you think are natural and which you think are manmade, use the sorting sheet to help you. (resource pdf)


Next, look again at the slides about the 3 different types of rock. Then try and further sort your natural rocks into the 3 different categories on the second part of the sorting sheet.


Don't forget to log into your class story at 2.45.

Tuesday 19th January


Join me on teams for your maths input at 9am. All resources required are listed below.

10 in 10- I will post the answers on class dojo just before our maths feedback.

This afternoon, start by logging into epic reader or use your reading book.


Then, have a go at either of the workout videos posted below. You can also follow the link to the website to find more things you could do. Alternatively, use your daily exercise slot and go for a family walk.


Don't forget to log into teams for our class story at 2.45.

Dan Magness Football Freestyle - KS2 - Week 2

Weekly Workouts - Week 2

Monday 18th January


After the Woodbridge values assembly, log into you teams meeting with Miss Wong for your maths input. All the slides and resources you need are posted below.


Don't forget to log into times tables rock stars at some point today too.

Maths slides Monday

Larger version of the maths slides.

English - follow the slides through with your teacher. Your task is to identify the true or false statements using your key reading skills.

This afternoon


Go through the slides and follow the instructions for the different activities. There is also a youtube clip you can watch, to help you even more.


Don't forget to log into teams for your class story at 2.45pm.

The Middle Stone Age | The Story of Britain | BBC Teach

Suitable for teaching 7 to 11s. This clip explores life in Mesolithic Britain through the eyes of a hunter-gatherer family. Part one of an 11-part historical...

Friday 15th January


After assembly, log in to your maths teams session. We will lead you through an interactive Funday Friday maths session. 


After that, log into times tables rock stars and get battling. You could also visit topmarks again and play mostly postie, to really embed your scales reading.


English - today we will be using possessive apostrophes. Follow the slides to help you - your teacher will guide you and show you how and where to place the apostrophe.

This afternoon.

Start with reading. Either use epic reader or one of your reading books.


Then, log into YUMU and continue to follow the different steps in your assignment. You can then explore some of the features in the musical world you have access to.

French - work through the powerpoint. Learn your numbers in French and match the numbers correctly.

Thursday 14th January


For maths, log into the 9am teams meeting with Miss Wong. You will find the slides and resources below.

LARGE maths questions

This afternoon, you are working with Miss Cresswell.

These are the files that you need for RE and for PSHCE.

Log on to teams at 1:30 pm

Wednesday 13th January


Log in to your teams session at 9am for maths input. We are looking at mass today. If you have weighing scales at home, you could even have a go at some practical maths.


Task 1. Play the 'mostly postie' game by following the link below.

Task 2. Work through the questions on the slides, the answer slide follows on.

Task 3. If you complete the game and the slide questions, have a go at the PDF questions sheets. The answers are also available for you to check afterwards.


Optional extra- If you have a set of kitchen weighing scales at home, try weighing some different items in grams. 

Maths questions sheet- Only complete if you finish the questions on the slides.

English - today you will be using a range of adverbs. Write a sentence to match each picture - use an adverb to describe the verb in each picture.

This afternoon

Watch the stone age video carefully, then open the questions slide. See if you can retrieve the answers from the film and answer the questions correctly.


Don't forget to log into teams for our class story at 2.45pm


Stone age questions

Tuesday 12th January

Please log into the teams meeting at 9am for your maths input. You will find all of the lesson resources and links below.

Understanding mm, cm, m, and km

Understand the Sizes of millimeters, centimeters, meters, and kilometers#Math #Metric #Length #Measurement #Data #Meters #Kilometers #Centimeters #Millimeter...

Maths slides Tues 12th Jan

Maths tasks answers

English Lesson - Follow this pdf to help you write some retrieval questions. Read the text about Stone Age animals and write some retrieval questions about this text.

English - Do Now activity

This afternoon


You have PE this afternoon. Mrs Clarke has uploaded lots of different PE activities onto our PE and physical activity page. Please follow the link below to access the physical activity for this week. We are starting with dance and the stone age stomp, or select one of the dance activities from our PE page.


Alternatively, go out and get your daily exercise with your grown up, walking, cycling or jogging are all good forms of exercise. Remember to stay safe and follow social distancing guidance.


Don't forget to log into teams for our class story at 2.45pm.  



Stone Age Stomp

STONEAGE stomp is a primary school topic song for KS1/2 but equally could be used in Reception for a fun song to sing and dance to. It is full of key facts a...

Monday 11th January


After the Woodbridge values assembly has finished, please log into the teams meeting set up by Miss Wong called registration and maths input. The slides for the lesson are below.

English - Today we will be learning about using ambitious imperative verbs in our writing. Use the grid to help you improve the imperative verbs.

Afternoon session



This afternoon, start with some reading. You can either go onto epic reader or you can use your reading book.


After that, watch the clip for rock sorting.


Then, have a look at the grouping rocks slides below. I have included some pictures of different rocks for you to categorise or you could have a look in your garden to see if you have any actual rocks or stones that you could sort.


Don't forget to log into the teams meeting at 2.45 for our class reader, Stig of the dump.

Friday 8th January 

Maths! After you have logged out of the whole school teams assembly, please log into the teams session set up by Miss Wong, called Registration and Maths input.

We will lead you through an interactive maths session, that will recap the knowledge and skills we have been working on so far this week.


Afterwards, I would like you to practice your 3 and 4 times tables, using the songs below. Then, log into times tables rock starts and begin battling. 

Question slides for those who cannot access the live teams session.

3 Times Table Song - Numberjacks

How fast can you recite your 3 times table? Practice makes perfect!Remember to subscribe for more learning with Numberjacks!FUN FACT!WHAT is Numberjacks?It i...

4 Times Tables Song | Numberjacks

Count along with your favourite Numberjacks characters as we learn the four times table.Thanks for watching, kids! Remember to Subscribe for more fun!1x4=4, ...

English - Today we will be exploring the features of an instructional text. Your task will be to find and label the key features found in a set of instructions.

French - draw a picture of yourself and label the parts in French. Watch the video and go through the powerpoint to help you.


Please use the username and password, sent to you yesterday, to log into YUMU. I have set up a unit of work on there that you can work through each week in steps. For further instructions on how to use YUMU, please visit our music resources page.

Thursday 7th January

Your teams session will begin at 9am for registration, followed by maths input. The lesson slides are on the PDF below as well as a link for Times tables rock stars.

Year 2 | Maths | Length: Centimetre and Metre

myGuru is a learning portal that is developed in accordance with the syllabus requirements of students from Year 1 to Form 5.Visit our website and subscribe ...

MNP Slides for Thursday

English - Today we will be writing our own questions about the book. Use the question stems to help you.

This afternoon will be led by Mrs Cresswell, a teams invite has been sent for you to join.

Wednesday 6th January

9:10am Maths - Starting a new topic of measurements. Your teacher will introduce the lesson. There is a greater depth task at the end. You can also check your answers on the answer slides ready for your feedback session.


Please use your exercise book to write down your answers for the 10 in 10 task and the maths no problem questions on the PDF. Simply write the question number followed by the answer, you don't need to copy out the questions or print anything out.


For example


1a) 26cm

How to use a ruler

Maths no problem

11.00am DO NOW! Activity

11.10am English Lesson. Today we will be exploring our new text... we will make some predictions! Write your predictions in your exercise book.

Start the afternoon with some reading.


You have all been given 2 reading books (within your ZPD range) in your packs. You can read those, or you can log into epic reader. 



Topic- We are starting a new topic this half term. It is a history topic ' Could you live in the stone age?' We are going to explore the stone age together and answer some key questions to determine whether we think we could have lived in the stone age.


Today, we will explore the historical timeline. Go through the information slides, then have a go at drawing your own timeline and draw on the events in the correct order.