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Woodbridge Junior School

Happy Children Inspired to Learn


Topic: Can rubbish ever be art?

This term in Topic we are focusing on developing our skills in Art and using our previous knowledge of the environment to create a piece of Art which reflects our interpretation of the world around us. During this topic we will be developing a range of technical skills such as sketching and using a range of materials to create an effect. 



Science: Light and dark

This term in Science we are exploring Light using the text Curious Pearl by Eric Braun. During this topic we will carry out a range of experiments to investigate how light travels, how shadows are formed and how they change. These experiments will enable the children to develop their scientific enquiry skills by asking relevant questions, making informed predictions and recording results to conclude their overall findings. Finally we will discuss the dangers of light and how we can educate others to stay safe in the sun. 


Below find a Science Knowledge Mat with key facts so you can brush up on your knowledge!