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Woodbridge Junior School

Happy Children Inspired to Learn

Summer 2


This term our challenge question will be ‘Which Olympic team would you like to be a part of?’. Throughout the term we will be learning about the human and physical geography of different key countries around the world, as well as different Olympic sports and differing success rates in them.

Knowledge Mats - Print out these Knowledge Mats and stick them on your fridge or bedroom wall. Quiz your child regularly on the key vocabulary and facts. Little and often helps the knowledge stick.


Our reading focus this term is sequencing. Whilst developing this skill we will recap our skimming, scanning and close read skills before looking at sequencing problems.

Our reading text this term is ‘The Fastest Boy in the World’ by Elizabeth Laird. This book follows the story of 11 year old Solomon, who lives in Ethiopia, as he dreams of becoming a gold-medal-winning athlete.

Throughout the term we will use our reading text to develop our writing skills. We will be writing a setting description and a newspaper report.


Maths at Woodbridge Junior School follows the Maths No Problem Textbooks – This term we are focusing on developing our understanding of perimeter and area. In this chapter, pupils will be extending their knowledge of perimeter and area. It begins with pupils finding the perimeter of a polygon constructed from other polygons. They then look at constructing shapes with the same perimeter but a different area. Pupils begin to explore scale diagrams to determine the perimeter of shapes before moving onto exploring area using concrete materials. When they are familiar with the concept of area, they begin looking at area on square grids. Pupils will be using their understanding of polygons to calculate the area of those that are not 'regular polygons'. As the chapter progresses, they measure area in a variety of ways, determining the area of shapes from familiar shapes and using estimation to support their understanding.

Computing and Music:

This half term we will be learning to use Garage Band software to create our own anthems for our Olympic teams. We will be conducting and editing our piece of music.