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Woodbridge Junior School

Happy Children Inspired to Learn

Spring Term 1

In week 5 of our Spring term we explored the use of adverbial clauses using our rainbow grammar cards, it really helps the children create clearly structured sentences. We also created the designs for our Stone Age shelters in teams, it was wonderful to see the different collaboration styles and listened to what worked best in all of the teams to build those teamwork skills. We were introduced to ‘prison dodgeball’ this week in PE. It’s great to see how their tactics have improved over the term and was a great help to our 4 Woodbridge 🦊 at the local dodgeball tournament.

Week 5 Woodbridge winners for our creativity star award go to our wonderful 🦊 Aiden and Oliver! For showing creativity on the playground as voted by the class and for creativity in English 👏 well done boys.

Week 4 Woodbridge ⭐️ winners for demonstrating great responsibility towards their learning. Well done Lily, Leo and Lola!

Week 3 winners were Adyan and Skyla. These two show such respect to their class mates and the adults in school from arrival to the end of the day. Well done!

Week 2 Woodbridge star ⭐️ winners showing us and each other how aspirational they have been!

Well done to this weeks Woodbridge ⭐️ winners for showing how confident you are in your learning!

Spring term 1

New year, new term, new topic. "Could we survive in the Stone Age?". 


This is one of my favourite topics as we learn all about the Stone Age period, the 3 stages of it, how they lived, what they ate and what was life like. 


This topic takes us the Cresswell Crags which is such an amazing location for a school trip. The team are so knowledgeable and where else can we really experience true Stone Age life as we were taken into a genuine Stone Age cave. 


This pairs perfectly with our science topic of Rocks! Exploring the 3 kinds, learning how they are formed and what are the properties of Rock.