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Woodbridge Junior School

Happy Children Inspired to Learn

Spring Term 2023

Spring Term 2 


This term, we will reading George's Marvellous Medicine by Roald Dahl.  George Kranky's Grandma is a miserable grouch. George really hates that horrid old witchy woman.  One Saturday morning, George is in charge of giving Grandma her medicine. So-ho! Ah-ha! Ho-hum! George knows exactly what to do.  A magic medicine it will be!  One that will either cure her completely of her horrible grouchiness . . . or blow off the top of her head!


We will use the text to revise our use of direct speech, to practice our multiple choice skills as well as to write instructions.


Linking with Science, we will investigate, plan and write explanation texts to provide information on why we need our different types of teeth and also how our digestive system works.

Spring Term 1 - English:


Our reading text this term is ‘Who Let the Gods Out’ by Maz Evans.  When a shooting star crashes to earth, it lands Eliot smack bang in the path of Virgo - a young Zodiac goddess on a mission. But when the pair accidentally release Thanatos, a wicked death daemon imprisoned beneath Stonehenge, they've got nowhere to turn for help but to the old Olympian gods.


Throughout the term, we will develop our skills to evidence true and false statements.  We will be studying a range of poetry as well as writing our own descriptive poems.  We will also look at the myth ‘Theseus and the Minotaur’ before creating our own myth based on our own made-up characters.