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Woodbridge Junior School

Happy Children Inspired to Learn

Summer Term 2023

Summer 2: Where is the best place to live, a mountain, a volcano or an earthquake zone?



This half term, we will be exploring geography. We will be learning how mountains, volcanoes and earthquakes are formed. We will learning how to use grid references to locate different mountains and volcanoes across the world. We will be exploring different aspects of Italy and looking at the impact a volcanic eruption had on the lives in Pompeii. 


Art and DT:

This half term, we will be exploring different drawing techniques to create an awareness of light and dark, form and texture by extending a piece of artwork originally created by Van Gogh. We will also be learning about key architects and creating a drawing learning about perspective. To link with our Geography, we will be evaluating buildings built for earthquake zones.




This half term, we will be working scientifically to solve an enquiry question of 'What materials provide the best thermal insulation?'. The children will be planning, carrying out and evaluating their own enquiry. They will have to explore and decide their own variables and methods in which they will carry out their investigation.


Sticky Knowledge Mats

Topic Overview

Summer 1


In DT, we will answering the question 'Can we build a gadget to help us save energy?' We will be looking at the cost of living crisis and understanding how households track energy spending already. We will then be programming Micro:Bits to track light usage to inform our energy usage to help us save on our bills. Once we have a working product, we will be pitching our products to parents to see if our product can sell.


In Art, we will be making a collage of existing energy tracking devices to aid our market research. This will become our mood board and be the first stage of our design process.


In History, we will be learning about the Benin Kingdom in Africa. We will learn about the important role the Benin Kingdom played and look at artefacts from the time to help us determine what life was like for the people of Benin.


In Science, our topic is Earth and Space. The children will be taught to:

  • describe the movement of the Earth and other planets relative to the sun in the solar system
  • describe the movement of the moon relative to the Earth
  • describe the sun, Earth and moon as approximately spherical bodies
  • use the idea of the Earth’s rotation to explain day and night and the apparent movement of the sun across the sky.

We will also be visiting the Space Centre to see real-life astronaut equipment which will enhance our learning further.

Sticky Knowledge Mats

Topic Overview