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Cost of living support.

The Big Difference Scheme – Severn Trent Water.

Help to reduce the amount you pay for your bill.

Who can apply

The Big Difference Scheme can offer a reduction of water bills to any Severn Trent customer with a household income below £18,278.

Households with child dependants may be eligible for an additional income allowance in excess of this amount.

The support you could get

You could get up to 90% off the average Severn Trent bill.

The Big Difference Scheme will assess your household income when you apply.

That assessment determines how big a reduction you're able to get.

Your Big Difference Scheme payment plan

If your application is successful, you'll get a new payment plan.

The Big Difference Scheme design a payment plan especially for you.

Your new plan will include payments towards any debt on your account.

The scheme ends after a year

The scheme runs for 12 months at a time.

You'll have to apply again at the end of each year-long period.

Applying for the Big Difference Scheme

There are two ways you can apply for help from the Big Difference Scheme.

Whichever way you apply, you'll need to provide evidence of your household income.

This could include:

payslips from within the last 3 months

benefit award letters from the Department for Work and Pensions