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Woodbridge Junior School

Happy Children Inspired to Learn

Safeguarding Portfolio

Woodbridge Safeguarding Portfolio is available to staff via Microsoft Teams.


The following is a list of its contents. If you ae struggling to access anything please contact Lesley Turner, Pastoral Lead.



  •      Current Action plan not published but available in school at request.



     2. Guidance’s- DFE/Government  Guidance’s, Statutory- Non Statutory


  • Keeping Children Safe in Education January 2021 Update.
  • Links to current Guidance from the DFE/ Government Statutory – Non Statutory.


    3.Policies/Guidance’s DCC/ Woodbridge Junior Schools own.  

  • Woodbridge Child Protection Policy,
  • Protect Report form for concerns from staff who do not have access to My Concern.
  • Staff Code of Conduct.
  • Woodbridge Anti Bullying Behaviour Policy.
  • Peer on Peer Abuse Policy.
  • Woodbridge Online Safety Policy.
  • Acceptable use of internet policy.
  • Domestic Abuse Notifications flowchart.
  • Protocol Domestic Abuse Notifications.
  • Managing Allegations against staff.
  • LADO Referral form.
  • LADO Flow Chart.
  • LADO Information Leaflet.
  • Whistle Blowing Guidance.
  • GSWP, Safer Working Practice.
  • Visitors Policy.
  • Student information and conduct form.
  • Multi Agency Dispute Policy.
  • Derbyshire Dissent Policy.
  • Derbyshire Threshold Document.
  • Equality and Diversity Policy.
  • Extremism and Radicalisation Policy.
  • Promoting Positive Behaviour Policy.
  • Physical Intervention Policy.
  • Children Missing From Education Policy.
  • Private Fostering Policy.
  • Administration of Medication Policy.
  • Separated Parent’s Policy.
  • Complaints Procedure for External Complaints.
  • Substance Misuse Policy.
  • Health and Safety Policy.  
  • Lockdown Statement.
  • Run, Hide, Tell Weblink.
  • Prevent Referral Form
  • Intimate Care Policy
  • RSE Policy.
  • CRE Risk Assessment Tool Kit
  • CRE Risk Assessment Form
  • Operation Liberty report form.
  • Graded Care Profile
  • Self Harm and Suicide Behaviour Support Guidance
  • Derbyshire Young Carers Service Information  



5. Staff Induction Folder.


  • Woodbridge Child Protection Policy.
  • Child Protection Report form for staff without access to MyConcern.
  • Concern Flow Chart.
  • Woodbridge Promoting Positive Behaviour Policy.
  • Children Missing from Education Safeguarding Response.
  • Staff Induction and Code of Practice.
  • The role and Identity of Designated Safeguarding Leads.
  • Information on Derbyshire Early Help Service.
  • Schools Early Help Offer.
  • Keeping Children Safe in Education Part One.
  • Whistle Blowing Guidance.
  • Induction Pack Guide.



6. School Early Help Documents.


  • Blank Early Help Assessment.
  • Concern flow chart.
  • Early Help Offer.
  • Family Support Action Plan.
  • Initial Pastoral Assessment.


7. School Safeguarding Training information


  • Document regarding location of Staff Safeguarding Training information.