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Woodbridge Junior School

Happy Children Inspired to Learn

Spring 2

Spring 2


This half term, we will be exploring the question, 'How can I be a healthier me?', focusing on learning about healthy diets, food groups and nutrition in Science. We will also be exploring other ways to stay healthy, including physical activity and mental health during our PSHE and PE lessons. In our Design and Technology lessons we will be exploring how to make our own healthy bread from scratch. As well as this, we will be exploring how diet differs in different countries in Geography.


To help us do this, we will be answering a mini-question each week:


KQ1    What does it mean to be healthy?

KQ2    How does an active lifestyle keep us healthy?

KQ3    Why is it important to eat a nutritious diet?

KQ4    How do diets differ across the world?

KQ5    How can we design and create a nutritious meal? 


Here is the topic plan and sticky knowledge organiser that we will be using. The sticky knowledge organisers contain all of the key learning information that the children will gain over the course of this topic.

Medium Term Plan

Sticky Knowledge Mats - Geography and Science