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Woodbridge Junior School

Happy Children Inspired to Learn

Autumn Term 2022

Autumn 1



This term in English, we will create a non-chronological report about Squirrels and Foxes. We will explore features such as headings, subheadings, paragraphs and key information.


We will then move on to our next English text type, narratives. In order to do this, we will use a story recipe to help us structures and plan our own narrative. We will use the book 'The Last Wolf' to help us understand how narratives are formed and which features we would find in them, such as a setting, characters and events. We will also explore how to use to use adverbs, inverted commas and prepositions. 


Here is a short description of 'The Last Wolf'...


One day, Little Red puts on her hunting gear, packs her lunchbox and heads into the woods to catch a wolf. Fortunately, Mum knows that there are no wolves left in the woods, so Little Red will be safe. Red wanders deep into the shadowy woods until she finds a strange door where she meets the Last Wolf, the Last Lynx and the Last Bear.

The animals tell Little Red all about the Good Old Days, when the world was awash with flowers and dripping in honey. Red feels terrible that the forest the animals once roamed freely in has been so reduced – but there is something she can do to help.



This half term, we will be focusing on learning how to retrieve information from a text. We will learn how to skim, scan and close read a text to help our understanding. We will use different text types to help us develop our comprehension skills.


We will also be reading 'Dog’s Journey: A Goosey Farm Story' by Paul Howard as a class reader.


For the first time in their lives, Widget and her little brother Tim can roam about the hills and fields with their two dogs Russet and Dizzy Frizzy. And Sam the Boss Cat is never far away, usually waiting to pounce on Russet! After a shaky start – and a few scraps – Tim and Widget are making new friends. With the added excitement of puppies to look forward to, everything seems perfect at Goosey. But autumn brings change and, with the first sparkle of frost in the air, comes an unforgettable tragedy…