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Woodbridge Junior School

Happy Children Inspired to Learn

Summer 1

Our resilience award winner for the week! Well done.

Last week of our Spring term, you can see from our photos how good it was. We completed our daily reading, we explored where our food came from in our lunch boxes, using QR codes to find our our food miles. We completed our independent write on the life cycle of a flowering plant and completed our DT project by packaging up our seed bombs. Finally we ended the week practicing using pastels on single point perspective art! Fab week Foxes, thank you.

Well done to our three beautiful foxes for showing their amazing creativity during last week at school.

Despite the return of the rain, we didn’t let it dampen I was spirits in Fox’s class this week. We began the week in English using a rainbow grammar cards to practice creating subordinate clauses. We began a new maths chapter of angles and used a right angle checkers to find right angles within our classroom. We had a brilliant history lesson, looking at artefacts of old lead mining tools, including Davy lamps, mottoes and even an old tin bath. The children loved having a go and imagining what it was like after a day working after working down the mine and using a tin bath to get clean. And finally, we end of the week, creating a seed bombs to help the pollinators of our local area and sell them to our grown-ups next week!

Well done to our two super responsible foxes, showing responsibility at lunch time as well as during lessons.

Over half way through our penultimate half term and we have all been in high spirits with the welcomed ☀️. We enjoyed learning some different batting skills in PE this week with cricket. In English we first explored 6 different explanation texts to increase our exposure to our new text type. We then identified features of a model explanation text so we know what we are aiming for our next independent write. We then enjoyed class circle time using our outdoor learning space. It makes us really proud to hear the foxes help each other with challenges they have found this week during their learning.

Well done our super foxes for showing our Woodbridge value of respect last week! Harriet also showed off how respectful we are during public events when she attended the Alfreton tennis festival.

Week 3 of our summer term and finally the sun came out! We have continued our fraction journey in maths, comparing fraction with different denominators. We had a wonderful forest school session getting stuck in to our outdoor creativity. In English we completed our independent write which was our own setting description of a forest. The foxes used so much expressive language I really enjoyed reading their work. We ended the week creating prototype labels for our upcoming seed bomb creations and sales.

Well done to our aspirational foxes for aiming high last week in their learning!

Week 2 in Foxes - this week in History we used a variety of sources to research the impact of the lead mining industry on our area and then really impressed our music teacher with our ukulele skills! We worked on our Creating Media unit in computing and learned about desktop publishing applications. We used PowerPoint to edit text types, sizes and colour and to add images to our invites. In science we discovered the 6 things flowering plants need to survive which compliments both our science topic and our upcoming writing unit.

Week 1 of our first summer term, we started our racket sports in PE and practiced our skills of visualisation in English. In D&T we evaluated existing seed bomb products to inspire our own seed bomb creations and in maths we concluded our chapter on graphs and data. Finally in science we learned all about the inner parts of flowering plants by dissecting a Lilly flower. We have definitely hit the ground running this week!