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Woodbridge Junior School

Happy Children Inspired to Learn

Eagles 2022-2023

Tuesday 18th July - End of year Water Fight in full swing starting with some team games.

Friday 14th July - Year 6 Leavers' Party - What a great night! Here are just a few highlights.

Tuesday 27th June - Having fun at Forest Schools!

Tuesday 27th June - Sports Day podium winners.

Friday 23rd June- Our wonderful Woodbridge Values winners of the week.

Friday 16th June - Our Woodbridge winners for Respect. We’ll done!

Wednesday 14th June - Creating shadows for Science. Does the distance from a light source affect the size of the shadow? What about changing the angle of the object?

Friday 9th June - Our Woodbridge Values winners for the week.

Tuesday 6th June. As part of our “Can an island be self-sufficient?” we played a trading game. Each group was given money and different equipment. Their task was to draw as many shapes as possible- each worth a considerable amount of money. As some groups had no scissors or pencils, a considerable amount of trading and bargaining was needed. The winning group managed to raise £7,200! Go Brazil!

Let business commence!

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Friday 26th May - Our wonderful Woodbridge Values winners.

Tuesday 23rd May- Afternoon Tea with our parents. On the menu - tea and scones! Scones made by our fair Year 6!

Tuesday 23rd May - White Team v Non-Bib Team. Game 1

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Yellow Team v Blue Team. Game 2

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Orange Team v Red Team. Game 3

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Friday 12th May - Our wonderful Woodbridge winners.

Wednesday 26th April - Our finished artwork!

Tuesday 25th April - Team games. White v Blue!!!

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Yellows v Reds!!!

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Friday 21st April - The winners of our Respect Award this week. We’ll done!

Tuesday 18th April - Absolutely loving the wheelchair athletics!

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Wheelchair Relay!

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Monday 17th April - Scone tasting as research for our baking project this term. It’s a hard life!

Sampling the scones!

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Friday 31st March - Look at these fantastic designs the class have created using batik. The theme was nature. We’re going to make a wall hanging as our legacy to the school.

Friday 24th March- Applying glue to create our batik design.

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Wednesday 29th March - Thank you so much to our adults who took time to come into school and tell the children about their own jobs. The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and had so many questions.

Monday 20th March - Researching pioneers of our modern NHS. Pupils are choosing from: Lister, Jenner, Jon Snow or Florence Nightingale.

Friday 17th March - All our wonderful Woodbridge winners from the last two weeks.

Woodbridge Word Parade Friday 3rd March - What a wonderful day. Lots of inspiring words and costumes!

Friday 3rd March - Our Woodbridge Values winners for resilience. Proud of you!

Tuesday 28th Feb - Bella leads the PE warm-up.

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Friday 17th Feb - We spent the morning creating a Viking longship. It had to have a detachable mast, oar and prow. Everyone worked incredibly hard! Look at these wonderful designs.

Friday 17th Feb- These wonderful eaglets played in our dodgeball team last night. We’re proud of you!

Friday 17th Feb - Our Winners of the Pride award!

Weds 15th Feb - The results of our experiment on microorganisms.

Tuesday 14th Feb - Were The Vikings Really Vile? It’s decision time! We’re designing a poster to back up our ideas.

Friday 10th Feb- Our Wonderful Woodbridge Values winners for creativity. Well done Nilan and Layla!

Friday 3rd February- Our Woodbridge Values winners for responsibility.

Tuesday 31st Jan - Preparing our bread to see how mould grows!

Monday 30th January. In History this was our task. Eight of us chose to defend our village against the Vikings. There were 22 in the “surrender” camp!

We are so proud of the girls who won this trophy playing football! Well done Errin, Layla and Jess!

Friday 27th January _ Our fantastic Woodbridge Values winners for respect.

Friday 20th January - We are SO proud of Charlie, Drew and Elliot. They represented our school in the Futsal competition and showed real team spirit!

Friday 20th January- Friday 20th January- Our Woodbridge Values winners for “Respect”.

Tuesday 17th January - Miss H put her feet up in Geography and let the pupils teach the lesson on Digimaps!

Friday 13th January- Our “Confidence “ values winners.

Monday 9th January - Reconstruction Relay. A fun activity to introduce our History topic “Were the Vikings really vile?”

Spring Term 1

Friday 16th Dec. Our wonderful Woodbridge Values winners.

Tuesday 13th December- Science investigation time!

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Tuesday 6th Dec- Musical geniuses in the making!

Tuesday 22nd Nov - What’s not to like - experimenting with electrical circuits!

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Friday 18th Nov World Cup teams allocated!

Friday 18th Nov Celebrating Children in Need

Friday 18th Nov - Woodbridge Values winners.

Wednesday 16th November- Working hard creating games in Computing using the Scratch Programme!

Friday 11th November - Woodbridge Winners for Creativity

Tuesday 8th November- Balancing and sequences in gymnastics.

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More sequences!

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Friday 4th November - Our Woodbridge Values winners for confidence.

Friday 4th November - Looking forward to Earth Cookies at break time! Thanks Aidan.

Tuesday 1st November- working hard in Art.

Friday 21st October - The Eagles proudly present their Class Councillors. Meet Mollie-May and Nilan.

Friday 21st October- Fantastic Four reward. Hot chocolate around the fire!

Friday 21st October- Our wonderful Woodbridge Values winners.

Thursday 20th October. Our letters ready for posting!

Monday 17th October- These wonderful Eagles were invaluable helping at the Year 2 parents’ open evening last week. Well done!

Wednesday 12th October - Delicious Earth cakes made by Layla!

Monday 10th Fossil hunting in Science.

Monday 10th October - We’ve had a great day eating our homework! Bella made Arctic biscuits and Freya made solar system cakes! Both delicious!

Friday 7th October- We can’t wait for break-time when we get to eat the delicious biscuits Cade has made for his homework!

Friday 7th October - These wonderful pupils are the first to receive a pen licence this year in the whole school!

Friday 7th October- Our Woodbridge Values winners for Respect. Well done!

Monday 3rd October - Look at these delicious biscuits Isabella made for her homework!

Wednesday 28th September- look at our fantastic photos from The Deep. What a brilliant place to visit.

Friday 30th September- Our Science lesson on Adaptation and Evolution. Such fun...such a mess!!!!

Friday 30th Sept - Our wonderful Woodbridge Values winners.