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Woodbridge Junior School

Happy Children Inspired to Learn

Spring 1

Week 5 - Our Pride Stars

Week 4 - Our Resilience Stars

Week 3 - Our Responsibility Stars

The Ancient Greek Olympics

As part of our Ancient Greek Topic we have been using primary resources to find out about the Ancient Greek Olympics. We used Venn diagrams to help us compare the events in the Ancient Olympics with the events in the modern Olympics. 

Week 2  - Our Respect Stars

Week 1 - Our Aspiration Stars

Programming a Screen Turtle

We used Turtle Academy to write and debug programs to make our Screen Turtles write different letters.. 

We used the commands: FD, BK, RT, LT and CS to help us. 



Greek Food Tasting

This term Year for are investigating "What did the Greeks do for us?" So to start our topic in style we decided to try so Greek food. Among the treats we tasted were: pitta bread, feta cheese, olives, dates, hummus and olive oil. We liked some of them better than others!!