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Woodbridge Junior School

Happy Children Inspired to Learn


Autumn 2

This half term, the children are reading 'Scribbleboy' written by Philip Ridley. The reading skills for this half term is matching information together. The children will continue to use skimming and scanning skills to find and match information together that is relevant. 

During our writing lessons, we will be writing a newspaper report based on a mystery scribbler at Woodbridge. The children will learn how to structure a newspaper report. They will learn the importance of an effective headline and how to incorporate speech into a report. The children will also use their Rainbow Grammar lessons to learn how to use fronted adverbials to uplevel their sentences further.

We will also be writing a letter to Ziggy Fuzz (a character in the book) to ask whether we can join his Scribbleboy Fan Club. The children will learn how to structure a letter as well as reinforcing the skill of using fronted adverbials.


English - Autumn Term 1

To start the half term we are writing non-chronological reports about Rabbits; in these we will be using fronted adverbials, possessive apostrophes and subordinating conjunctions.

Our reading text this term is ‘Street Child’ by Berlie Doherty.  This is the story of Jim and his journey after his escaped from a workhouse.

Throughout the term, we will develop our skimming and scanning skills to find facts about the characters as well as infer their characteristics, thoughts and feelings.  The text will also be used as a stimulus for writing a narrative based on 'the wanderer' story receipe.

In our rainbow grammar sessions, we will be learning how to use coordinating conjunctions, adverbial phrases and how to punctuate speech accurately.