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Woodbridge Junior School

Happy Children Inspired to Learn

Summer 1

Tuesday 21st May - It's Afternoon Tea time! Time to say thank you to our adults for supporting us through SATs. The scones were delicious.

Monday 20th May - It's baking time! Only 150 scones to bake before tomorrow's Afternoon Tea for parents.

Friday 17th May - A well-deserved treat for our fabulous Year 6s. Who doesn’t love an ice-cream party?

Thursday 16th May - We made it! We are so proud of all of our Year 6 pupils for giving it their all this week. They are all amazing and have shown such resilience, responsibility, confidence and pride - all of our Woodbridge Values.

Wednesday 15th May - A huge thank you to our wonderful kitchen staff for coming in early and providing us with cereal, toast, pancakes, omelettes, sausage and bacon cobs for two weeks! What would we do without them?!

Tuesday 14th May - Releasing a bit of steam after our Reading SATs with a bit of 'continuous cricket'.

Tuesday 14th May - Stressed about SATs - I don't think so! Here are the Year 6's enjoying their SATs breakfasts.

Friday10th May - Woodbridge Winners for Responsibility

Thursday 9th May - A little bit of Code Cracking Maths revision ready for next week.

Tuesday 7th May - Creating invitations for our Afternoon Tea in the last week of term. This is where we invite our parents to sample our amazing scones.

Friday 3rd May - Woodbridge Winners for Respect

Tuesday 30th April - NHS Appreciation Week - We all thoroughly enjoyed and learnt so much from GP Sarah.

Monday 29th April - Taste testing our scones in readiness to bake our own.

Friday 26th April - Woodbridge Winners for Aspiration

Monday 22nd April - A raneg of drama activities in English to understand how authors choose specific vocabulary to express emotions.

Friday 19th April - Woodbridge Winners for Creativity

Tuesday 16th April - Science - Here we are busy proving that light does travel in a straight line.

Tuesday 16th April - First 'striking' lesson in P.E. trying out our tennis skills.