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Woodbridge Junior School

Happy Children Inspired to Learn

Spring 1

Spring 1


Our reading focus this term is true or false? We will continue to develop the children’s skimming, scanning and close reading skills to help then locate specific information to help them answer the questions posed. Additionally, we will be focusing on how to provide evidence to support our opinions, ideas answer which we have inferred.  


To begin our English topics this term we will be reading Beowulf as part of our Anglo Saxon topic. 


During our English sessions, we will be writing a character description and a newspaper report. In our Rainbow Grammar sessions, we will be  focusing on the grammatical features needed for these genres, which includes non-finite clauses and direct and reported speech.



This half term, we will be continuing to follow Maths No Problem. We will start our fractions unit. This chapter develops pupils' ability to handle more diverse problems involving fractions, including dividing and multiplying fractions by whole numbers. To begin the chapter, pupils divide whole numbers by whole numbers, giving rise to fractions. Pupils then show improper fractions and mixed numbers using pictures. As they progress through the unit, they find equivalent fractions, compare and order fractions and utilise the number bond strategy, known as number pairs, in their work with fractions. Next, pupils review adding fractions, with a focus on fractions with different denominators and fractions that create improper fractions and mixed numbers. Then they subtract fractions that are different, finding common denominators and subtracting mixed numbers and improper fractions. At the end of the chapter, pupils begin to multiply fractions by whole numbers and multiply mixed numbers by whole numbers. The final lesson involves solving word problems that require multiple steps and bar model representations.