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Online Safety Advice

For more information on online safety please see Parents>Safeguarding>Online safety or Children> Keeping Safe> Online safety. 

Online Safety Advice for Parents


Below, you will find a range of websites which can give you up to date advice on keeping your children safe online.  The websites range from advice on how to add parental controls to your devices to a range of games you can play with your children to keep the whole family informed and safe when online.     

ParentZone gives specific advice to parents on all games, apps, social media etc and advice on how to report inappropriate or illegal content as well as much, much more.

Parent Hub has very clear instructions on setting up parent controls as well as information on current apps.    

The NSPCC site gives advice on parental controls, games and apps.

Think U Know is a further site which gives parents information on a number of concerns about their child's well-being e.g. grooming, online relationships, exposure to inappropriate online content.

NetSmartzKids provides videos, games and activities for children to help them understand how to be safe online.