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Woodbridge Junior School

Happy Children Inspired to Learn

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08.07.2022 well done Jack, Gracie and Sydney for demonstrating pride in their learning in and out of school this week.

07.07.2022 today we looked at recognising emotions during our Zones of Regulation lesson, the children practices identifying what emotions they might feel given different circumstances! I love how much they participate in these lessons!

05.07.2022 Our last planning session of 2022 together. The 🦊 really worked hard on plotting out the stages of their version of The Feathered Serpent!

24.06.2022 Here are our proud winners for their confidence certificates today! Well done Stevie, Sammy and Alan! Keep it up.

23.06.2022 We became detectives today, in the sense of word detective and police investigators. Emmett and Jadyn were our prize investigators today! No clue escaped their keen eyes! When solving the missing case of Woody the Dog, using their map reading skills to their max! This morning we practiced finding words in the dictionary to help our spellings! This challenge was conquered by Bella and Harry! Well done guys

21.06.2022 - Tough Runner 🏃‍♀️ The school have had the BEST day participating in an assault course! Teachers too!

W.c 13.06.2022 This week we saw the return of our rainbow grammar card, practicing creating 3 predicate sentences and our fantastic Race for Life in which the school have raised over a whopping £2000.00 everyone should be so proud of their participation and hard work.

17.06.2022 May I present our weekly winners for showing bucket loads of respect this week during their learning. Well done Jacob, Logan and Macie

Summer 2 brings lots of opportunities to get outside and enjoy the weather alongside our learning. We began our athletics training with some running skills and hurdle practice and Forest School was full of creativity and fun this week.

W.C 6.6.2022 Summer 2 sees Freya, Connie and Frankie being the first winners of our Responsibility 🥇 this term. Well done!

26.05.2022 Jubilee well and truly hit Woodbridge today! We had a day of Royal activities from start to finish! Crown making, Forest School Festival, a Royal Ball, a Royal Picnic and a Platinum Playtime extravaganza! A perfect way to warm up for next week’s activities across the country!

25.05.2022 Here are our wonderful Woodbridge star ⭐️ winners for creativity this week! These pupils shine creatively in school and out and we love to see their efforts in show and tell!

W.C 16.05.2022 We have had a super creative week this week, creating labels to attach to our home made seed bombs, art work to share with Alfreton Town and T shirts for our jubilee day next week! The children have worked really hard and taken so much pride in their work!

Well done to our resilience award winners this week, Cordelia, Harrison and George and well done to Frankie for earning his pen license due to all the time and care he takes in all of his work books. 20.05.2022

W.c 09.05.2022 This week we have been taking advantage of the warm weather to take our learning outside, we have explored pollination and seed dispersal and even enjoyed our weekly Open The Book ceremony in our outdoor stage! We just love the summer term!

13.05.2022 Here are our proud Woodbridge ⭐️ award winners for this week, and a couple awarded for previous weeks. Showing what amazingly respectful and aspirational pupils they are becoming. Well done team!

W.C 3.5.2022 this week we have been plant crazy, learning about plant life cycles, the water movement through a flowering plant and setting up our observational experiment, Spring gives us great opportunities to really blossom into our new topics.

W.C 3.5.2022 Well done to Logan and Freya for being the winners of our aspiration weekly Woodbridge Stars award 🥇 they have been an inspiration to the rest of the class this week.

W.C 25.04.2022 We started our last term as year 3’s in style this week. We have begun our new topic on plants and green fingers are sprouting everywhere. We have explored the parts of the plant and what a plant needs to survive to lay the foundations for our experiment week next week. We also started our new PE block of 🎾 and the 🦊 demonstrated some great resilience with their ball skills.

WC 3.04.22 Wow what a way to end the spring term. We progressed in our ukulele lessons to plucking, finished our Time chapter in maths and there was lots of preparation for our open afternoon on Friday! It’s great to see such support and enthusiasm from the parents! The children loved having you visit them!

Well done Logan and Stevie for showing us how aspirational they can be in their maths lessons!

W.c 28.03.2022 We have explored what mental health is and different coping strategies we can try to use in times of low mood. We also had our first Zones of Regulation lesson, expanding our emotional vocabulary and knowledge.

Our weekly Woodbridge Winners 25.02.2022 showing great through out their learning!

Fun in the ☀️ play time is just as important as lesson time, getting fresh air and having a brain break really helps them focus when it’s time for the next lesson.

We have been refining our Scratch skills this week! The children really impressed with their coding knowledge!

The super hero foxes! Ready for action!!

18.03.2022 - It has been a crackers day today, super heroes, chefs and pizzas! Had so much fun with the Foxes! I hope they treat some of their parents to some home made pizza this weekend!

18.03.2022 - Today we celebrated our Woodbridge Star Award winners for confidence! Well done you three!

09.03.2022 - Had a wonderful session in forest school this week - the sun was shining and the smiles were glowing!

Well done to this week's Woodbridge Star Award winners for Respect! Fantastic learners showing respect for school and for themselves.

Week commencing 28.02.2022! We have had a fantastic week this week in school, wheel chair PE, World Book Day and Poetry week and Pizza Tasting ready for our own healthy pizza design.

4.03.2022 - Well done 🦊 for showing our Woodbridge Pride Value this week. Being proud of who you are and your differences is a fantastic quality to have.

Well done to our creative and responsible Woodbridge Stars Winners this week! Making us all proud to have you in our school 11.02.2022

We Love Rainbow Grammar! 08.02.2022 - The children love using the cards, it really helps them to break down the knowledge understand the English language.

Yoga with Kelly - Children's mindfulness week 07.02.2022

Still image for this video
It's children's mindfulness week and to help us learn some mindfulness exercise we had a yoga session with Kelly.

She made it a really fun way to access the yoga poses without the children realising that they were participating in a yoga class!

It included a sun salutation, some movement and a relaxation and breathing exercise!

Here is the video of our sun salutation.

04.02.2022 - Amazing day out at Creswell Crags consolidating all of our learning on the Stone Age and Rocks!! An amazing time was had by all!

03.02.2022 - Fantastic Fossils - today we mimicked the fossilisation process, creating our own fossils in clay and covering them in layers and layers of sediments! Cant wait for excavation next week!

28.01.2022 - Well done to our Woodbridge Stars Winners last week - being truly respectful members of the Woodbridge family.

27.01.2022 - The Foxes were transported back in time today! back to 15,000BC to tell their family story through the only method of permanent communication there was back then.... cave paintings!

25.01.2022 - At the start of every computing lesson we build on our typing skills using typing club! The Foxes love this activity - it sounds like a 1950s news room whilst we practice this, lots of clicking and concentration!

21.01.2022 - Well done to our aspirational Foxes! winning the Woodbridge weekly award for demonstrating their aspirational qualities!

This week in Foxes we had an amazing time in forest school, building shelters and in the mud kitchen! We then used our exploratory skills in science classifying different rocks according to colour, texture, size and even smell!

This week's Woodbridge Winners for showing Aspiration during their learning this week - Well done guys!

The foxes worked really hard this week on their Christmas Nativity of 'Straw and Order'. 5 performances, all with equal levels of energy and gousto!

Our Weekly Woodbridge Winners of our resilience award for this week! Really well done to you both 03.12.2021

02.12.2021 - We started work on our secret Art Project this week - practicing our collaging skills.

Tuesday PE was very competitive this week, playing bulldog tag! Very determined faces in team fox! 30.11.2021

Still image for this video

26.11.2021 - Well done to Jagoda and Harrison who won our Woodbridge Award for Respect last week! Harrison earned both the teacher nomination and the lunch time nomination, proving what a respectful young man he really is.

26.11.2021 - Sydnie and Charlie exploring how magnets interact with each other in today's science lesson.

22.11.2021 - Sewing practice this week, in preparation for a big secret upcoming project!

19.11.21 - Our weekly Woodbridge Winners! Well done you 4 for demonstrating our value of responsibility (with Cordelia receiving her certificate for creativity).

Circle time this week we looked at our worst habits and shared suggestions with each other how we could over come them! The foxes had lots of excellent ideas to share.

Exploring painting techniques in foxes this week! Stippling, scumbling, spatter, blow art and fine line. The foxes loved the creativity and making a techniques booklet!

12.11.21 - Well done to our Foxes Alan and Charlie for winning the weekly award for being creative in their Art and English lessons!

12.11.21 - Maths Fun Day - We spent our maths lesson investigating, building and solving fun problems to use our mathematical language and thinking skills.

Honouring Remembrance Day 11.11.21 Making collage Poppy Art

05.11.2021 - Here are our smiling winners of our 'confidence' certificates'. They all really demonstrated this quality throughout the last week of half term. Well done!

05.12.2021 - We ended the day with some creativity and crafted Roman Clay pots with repeated patterns around the outside.

05.11.2021 - The Fox team working hard today on a Maths Review of our addition and subtraction chapter and publishing our newspaper articles.

22.10.2021 Congratulations to our winners of our Resilience value this week! A really hard skill to have and demonstrated really well this week in these 3 foxes!

21.10.2021 We used our Rainbow Grammar cards this week to create our own adverbial clauses. The smiles show you how much they enjoyed it!

18.10.2021 We explored timelines this week - looking at events both BC and AD in preparation for our new Romans Topic!

15.10.2021 Winners of our Creativity award this week! Well done girls!

15.10.2021 Using our team building schools to begin constructing our bird boxes for our wildlife topic this week! The Foxes worked really well together.

11.10.2021 English this week, we are exploring the features of Newspaper Articles ready to write our own in a few weeks.

Woodbridge Winners for being exceptionally Respectful! Friday 8th October 2021.

RE - Wednesday 6th October Foxes had fun exploring God as the creator and building a Lego sculpture to reflect a day in the creation story

Our Woodbridge Winners Friday 1st October 2021

Sketching our geographical feature to the composer Einaudi.

PE this week 28.09.2021 we tested our reaction skills and indoor throwing!

Fox Award Winners from 17.09.2021 and 24.09.2021 displaying their Pride and Aspiration Awards! Well done foxes!

Walk around Alfreton to see what geographical features we can see on our doorstep! 17.09.2021

First Forest school for foxes! 15.09.2021 - Ask your foxes if they can remember the boundary chant!

Our first trip to Yorkshire Wildlife Park - starting the year as we mean to go on! 13.09.2021