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Woodbridge Junior School

Happy Children Inspired to Learn


Could you be the next Alan Sugar?


An exciting topic all based around chocolate!

It begins with a visit to Cadbury World for inspiration followed by a lot of tasting, designing, creating and packaging of tasty treats.

Our topic will end with research on British inventors, past and present, before we host Woodbridge's very first 'Invention Convention displaying inventions made at home.

Invention Convention Homework

Enterprise knowledge mat

Sound knowledge mat

What did the Greeks do for us?


Over the next half term, we are going to be looking at what the Greeks did for us. We will learn about Ancient Greece, the myths and legends and the food of Greece. 

Greek Topic Plan

Are you a work of art?


Our second topic is art based and looks into different artists and their artistic style. We will be having a go at creating our own artist inspired works of art and we look forward to inviting you to admire our handy work.

How does the way we live affect the animals around us?


This half term, we are looking at different animals, that live in our area and how they live amongst us. We are also looking at how the way we live can affect their health and well being. Have a look at our topic plan to see what questions we will be finding the answers to, during our topic lessons.

Autumn Topic 1