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Woodbridge Junior School

Happy Children Inspired to Learn

PE and Physical Activity Home Learning Resources

Happy New Year!


 I hope you are all safe and well!


Due to the current circumstances we are switching to home leaning once again, you can use the folders below to access P.E. and Physical Activity remote learning resources from home.


Stay safe and stay active!


Thank you,


Miss Clarke 😀



⭐️ More P.E and Physical Activity Resources for Home Learning. ⭐️

Weekly Workouts Challenge

Amber Valley School Sport Partnership have developed a Weekly Workouts challenge where students can learn a simple workout of 5 activities through an instructional video or activity cards, to repeat each day of the week.

Students (and adults) can then anonymously enter their scores onto AVSSP’s website, which will then appear on an Amber Valley league table.

Virtual PE with AVSSP

AVSSP will also be releasing or recommending a new PE video every day up to half term, the videos aim to be educational, differentiated and easy to follow for all.

They are aiming to provide a rounded curriculum of multiple activities.

Their curriculum will include Martial Arts, Football Freestyle, Dance, Health & Fitness and more.

Please go to, their Facebook or Twitter pages to access the videos and Weekly Workout Challenges.

I will also put this information on our own WJS website too, so it can easily accessed, anytime.

Thank you.

Miss Clarke 😀

⭐️ Dance ⭐️


You are now able to follow this link to view AVSSP's latest Virtual PE lesson in Dance.


Once again differentiated for KS1 and KS2, but easy to follow for the whole family these lessons are delivered by their newest member of staff – Kirsty.


 Kirsty has come to work with AVSSP with many years secondary school experience and with qualifications from the Royal Academy of Dance and a Masters in Dance teaching, amongst others.

PE and Physical Activity


Here are some ideas for PE and physical activities to do at home, some may require adapting slightly, but the majority are good to go!


There are lots of different activities including: invasion games, striking and fielding, gymnastics, dance, athletics, DTF fitness, fundamental skills, physical activity, warm ups, cool downs and stretching.


There is also PE with Joe Wicks starting from the 11th Jan on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday, Just Dance on YouTube and GoNoodle that can be used too.


These can be used as your PE lessons, active breaks and lunches or generally being active at home.


Being active doesn't just benefit you physically, it has the power to do so much more - it can, for example, help to prevent or manage medical conditions, improves mental health, reduces anxiety, stress and improves your confidence, self-esteem and much more.

Derbyshire School Games Virtual Curriculum Resource


Today, Derbyshire School Games have launched their virtual curriculum resource for PE and physical activity home leaning.

These resources will give you ideas on how to be physically active, within a different sport theme, for 30 minutes each day (Monday – Friday).


Each pack contains a schedule of suggested activity challenges for the week and daily activity cards.

The weekly activities are themed around golf, football, tennis, orienteering, athletics, cricket, gymnastics, boccia, netball and badminton.


All activities have been developed so everyone can access them and everyone can have a go, using equipment found in the home and whatever space you have available.


Within the resource you will be directed to additional resources, for more ideas on how to the fulfil 60 minutes of daily physical activity.


Golf is our first resource.

Football follows a similar format.

Netball is our next focus, hopefully with plenty of activities to allow children to continue to be active at home.

Orienteering is our next theme.

Athletics is the next instalment of the Derbyshire School Games virtual curriculum, which AVSSP have been involved in creating and distributing.

Cricket is our next focus and again includes both practical and cultural elements.

Gymnastics is the next theme.

Boccia is a lovely game which we have played in school, which the children enjoy.

Racket Sports is the final focus of the Derbyshire School Games Virtual Curriculum.

Dance to add to the Virtual Curriculum resources, we also have a 'Dance Around The World' activity pack.


These resources have been designed to adhere to social distancing regulations and can be completed within limited space, above all, the activities help young people get moving and to have fun.

I hope these resources continue to be used at home to keep our children active during this different and challenging time!