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Woodbridge Junior School

Happy Children Inspired to Learn

Picture Gallery

Respect award winners

Book swap success

Creativity award winners

Cadbury’s World

Egg-citing activities for world book day.

Wow! Well done Badgers

Children who received an award today. 28th February

On adore apprendre le francais

Poetry with Jamie Thrasivoulou

Dramatic English today

Our aspirational award winners

Fun with fractions

Responsibility award winners, Friday 31st January

Handwriting star of the day

Respect award winners

Yummy practical maths. 17th January

Creativity award winners. 17th January

Preposition lesson. Where are you in relation to the tree?

Music and Computing at the same time today. 15th January

Festive Friday

Getting creative for Christmas today. 19th December

Exploring electricity

Banksy inspired art today. 12th December

Handwriting super stars

Christmas Creativity

Thanks to Apples and Pears for their log slices

Creativity award winners

Responsibility award winners. Friday 29th November

More practical maths today

I wonder what we have been creating?

Merci-Rose shared cakes with us today for children in need. November 15th

Wow lesson, Monday 4th November

All ready for our class exhibition. 25th October

Handwriting stars, again! 25th October

Our award winners for the week. 25th October

We enjoy exploring drama and mime to help us understand the thoughts and feelings of characters from our class book.

Our resilience award winners. 18th October

Millie also received the lunchtime award.
Amelia shows resilience every day.

Water cycle experiment. 18th October

Our respect award winners. 11th October

We enjoy using number discs to work out subtraction sums. 8th October

Handwriting superstars

Our confidence award winners. 4th September

Nathan shows confidence at lunchtime.
Zachary shows confidence in maths.
Finlay is a confident eco councillor.

Our award winners. 27th September

Kennedy shows responsibility at lunch.
Jackson is a very responsible class member.
Eleanor is responsible for our bookshelves.
Issac is very responsible at lunchtime.

We enjoyed our practical maths today. 25th September

Our handwriting stars for the week! 20th September

Merci-Rose is showing her lovely handwriting.
Alice- May is joining beautifully.

Our Aspiration Award Winners. Friday 20th September.

Beau received an award for aspirational artwork.
Ethan received a lunch time award.
Lola is apsirational in all subjects.

Autumn Term in Badgers Class

Beau's wonderful sculpture! 13th September
Another handwriting star! 13th September

We had a fantastic PE session today. 18th September

We enjoyed creating our 3D artwork today. 19th September

Carefully cutting out our pictures.
Beau and Kennedy working hard as a team.
Estelle drew her animal beautifully.
Working together to create wonderful art.

Pride award winners!

What a wonderful week!

Amazing topic artwork
Handwriting Star 11th September

We built an animal habitat.