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Woodbridge Junior School

Happy Children Inspired to Learn


2.7.21 Today we edited and improved each other’s work. ✍🏽

2.7.21 Well done to our Woodbridge winners for respect this week 🏆

1.7.21 We had a visit from Jordan Clarke Clarke today. He is a martial arts expert who showed us some brilliant martial art moves 🥋

29.6.21 We had so much fun on Sports day🥇🥈🥉

24.6.21 Well done to our Woodbridge winners this week 🏆

23.6.21. Today we were using our dictionary skills to find the meaning of unknown words 🤓

22.6.21 Tough Runner fun today

18.6.21 Woodbridge Awards - well done to Bella for showing Aspiration all week

18.6.21 We had our first dance lesson today - we learned all about the Olympic torch and had a go moving it 🌎 we then had our first session about how to fence. We loved it!

17.6.21 Today we explored the differences between human and physical geography 🌎

15.6.21 We have fun during PE!

11.6.21 Well done to our winners for the Confidence award this week 🏅

9.6.21 today we explore shadows outside 🌞

8.6.21 We learned field skills in PE today.

7.6.21 We sequenced events from our new text, Feathered Serpent and the Five Suns.

28.5.21 Well done to our award winners for being responsible this week 🏅

27.5.21 we had fun exploring a crime scene in our classroom!

24.5.21 Today we made our seed bombs as part our plant and enterprise project. It was very messy!

21.5.21 Well done to Henry and Lawson for showing aspiration in their learning! 🏆🏆🏆🏆

13.5.21 today we created our package design! There was a lot of creativity being shown today ✍🏽

12.5.21 Today we enjoyed learning tennis skills in PE 🎾

10.5.21 As part of our enquiry question, ‘can plants survive on their own?’, we will be making our own seed bombs. We will be designing our own packages so today we explored current seed package designs.

10.5.21 Today we had our next music lesson. We loved learning a new song 🎼

7.5.21 Well done to our Woodbridge Award winners 🏅

7.5.21 Today we explore how seeds disperse. We had fun acting out each method 🙂

5.5.21 We wrote our own explanation texts today about the life cycle of a flowering plant. Well done everyone!

4.5.21 Today we learned about the skills needed to play table tennis. It was a lot of fun!

30.4.21 Well done to our Woodbridge Award winners 🏅

29.4.21 Kelvin from Diversity came for a visit and taught us some cool moves 😎

29.4.21 Forest school fun today. We planted tree saplings and potatoes.

26.4.21 Today we had our music session and learned how to play steel drums

23.4.21 Today we learned how to write adverbial phrases. We had fun writing some very silly sentences!

19.4.21 Today we visited the local allotments in Alfreton to help us learn all about plants and their growth requirements. This visit will help us to explore our enquiry question, ‘Could plants survive on their own?’